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Now in English

Antonio Cambronero el

We all know the habit we have in Weblog Magazine to illustrate our tutorials with English versions of the applications. From today, we take a step forward in our quest to offer our readers the best quality and available in English only.

We believe that this is what will please our fans. Today, you’re nobody if you do not master the language of Shakespeare and, aware of this factor, being published today from all weblogs in the language.

To facilitate this change to readers, we provide a podcast in Spanish of all items along with an English-Spanish and Spanish-English and the language crash course in 100 bundles “My tailor is rich” that may be purchased in kiosks and bookshops at an affordable price. The translation of all the posts can also be downloaded from the payment section, soon, will be implemented in ABC online.

We hope that with this change, a true milestone in the history of the blogosphere, we catch up with posts from the likes of Techcrunch, Mashable and Download Squad. That is our main objective. We want to be pioneers in providing quality content to as many readers as possible. And the only way is to publish in English.

Thank you very much for understanding and we will always Google Translator.

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